Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Happy Fall Everyone!! It's actually going to be a cool 65 today. So it's starting to feel like Fall. The kids had to wear pants and a jacket. Hopefully, they won't get too used to it since the remainder of the week is going to be in the high 70's.

The kids got out of school half a day on Thursday, and were off all day on Friday for Parent/Teacher Conferences. Both kids got excellent reports and had straight A's. We are so proud of them. They are so much better at making good grades than Brent and I ever were. Kolton made the Honor Roll which we are so proud of him for working so hard. I even found him reading in his bed late at night... something we all know, he didn't get from Brent or me.

So since I had already had our conferences, Brent took Friday off from work and we headed to the Pumpkin Patch. Here are some of the pictures we took. Afterwards, we had lunch and headed to the movies with our friends to see "High School Musical 3". We really enjoyed it; even Kaelyn watched most of it until she fell asleep in my arms. Brent had the job of wrestling Kylee who of course fell asleep on the way there and was ready to play once we got there. Brent said he didn't mind all that much. He says he's not in to all that singing anyway! haha!! (Hence the title...Musical)

This Pumpkin Patch is so great. It's absolutely huge and everything is free, well unless you buy a $30.00 pumpkin. LOL!

Here's our cute little Pumpkin!!!

Here's the Pumpkin Bunch!!

On Saturday, the church around the corner was having a Trunk or Treat and Carnival for the community so we went with the neighbors. It was pretty fun and the kids had a good time.

***I almost forgot to mention the kids had their Primary Program. There were 130 kids in the Primary and every one of them had a part. They did an awesome job and luckily both of my kids knew their parts and spoke clearly. YAH!!! Next year Kaelyn will be up there... I'm sure I'll have a little bit of a melt down (she probably will, too).

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

JESUS take the wheel!!!

What does this suburban...

These stupid shoes....

and this adorable, innocent three year old have in common?

Well, as moms across the world were busy making their children homemade cookies, this is what I was doing. I had been at the church all morning with the girls. Brent came up and brought us lunch. We needed to run some errands, so since both our cars were at the church we decided to drop one off. So we pulled into the driveway, he got out and went in the house to check his e-mail and since I had a bunch of things in the front seat, I decided to take them in the house. I let Kaelyn out of her car seat (1st mistake) and since Kylee was asleep, I decided to leave the car running (2nd mistake). I brought one load of stuff into the house and came right back out and then I started screaming, "OH NO!!!" and preceeded to run as fast as I could in those stupid flip flops with heels!!! I was freaking out thinking how am I going to stop this car??? They (the three year old who is driving and the sleeping baby in her car seat) were headed right towards the pool. UGH!!! I threw open the door and put the car in park. Kaelyn's eyes were the size of saucers. She was a little distraught and I was shaking. I drove the car back to the drive way and went in to tell Brent. I asked him if he heard me screaming, which of course he didn't. After that, Kaelyn would not get in the car, not even if dad was driving. Well, we learned alot of lessons today but most importantly is that someone was watching over us because there was no damage and no one was hurt. Whew, we'll just count our blessings!!

This is me sprinting into action. No, I didn't have time to grab the camera so I just re-enacted it for dramatical purposes.

As if CPS won't already be after me, Kylee woke up this morning with what I thought to be a small mosquito bite, but by mid day this is what it looked like... yikes!!!
UPDATE: Okay so after a little nap, Kylee woke up looking like this. Of course NOW it was after hours, so luckily Dr. Tennant in our ward was on at Care Now so Brent took her to see him. He gave her a prescription and wants to see her tomorrow to see how she's doing. POOR BABY!

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Surprise

Anyone who knows Brent, knows he doesn't like surprises... but I do! So, for our anniversary we decided ahead of time that we would just have a nice dinner and then do some shopping. At about 4:30, I looked up to see my in-laws in my living room. I looked at Brent and he said, get your bags packed. So this is where we headed off to... The Southlake Town Center Hilton. He had arranged for me to have a massage the next day. We stayed in a suite, had a nice dinner at Copeland's, saw a movie, shopped around and stopped in for some Cheesecake from the Cheeesecake Factory. The next day I had a full hour Swedish massage while he went golfing with his VP at the Cowboy's (as in football) Club. He has really been wanting to golf there so that was a treat for him as well. We had a great time and I can't thank Brent's parents enough for coming and watching the kids for us. I know it was a big sacrifice for them. They had been in Baton Rouge the day before so it was a long trip for them. Thanks Ross and Judy! I love you dearly!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary Honey!

I can't believe it's been 15 years!!! I remember not being able to sleep the night before and having to wake up super early to get my hair and make-up done and yet I was still late to the Temple. Brent was sure I had changed my mind or at least his dad was trying to convince him of that. It has been a wild "journey" and as President Monson reminded us this weekend we should "Enjoy the Journey." I thought about that early this morning when I was up at 2:00 am making a bottle, thinking am I supposed to be "enjoying" this? I'd rather be "enjoying" some sleep right now. I sometimes think the day will never come when I will miss wiping toothpaste off the mirror, picking up toys, changing diapers and wiping handprints off the TV. Yet, something reminds me to stop a moment, and "Enjoy the Journey". So here we are 15 years later and I have enjoyed the journey so far and look forward to many more memories. Here are some of my favorite things about Brent. ( I think I'll list my top 15 since we've been married 15 years. I could come up with 15 million I'm sure, but I'll just name a few that come to mind.)
Brent here's some blackmail for you since I'm not the best at showing you that I love you!
#15- You always let me sleep in just a little more while you get the kids up and going in the morning.
#14- You randomly bring me Peanut M&M's just because you know I love them and you really don't care if I jeopardize my diet with them.
#13- You are the best "white boy" dancer I've ever seen.
#12- You will stop to help anyone on the side of the road, regardless of where we are going and what kind of a schedule we are on.
#11- You never meet a stranger and always manage to strike up a conversation to old men in Wal-mart just because you think they need company.
#10- You are so freaking hot! I know that may sound shallow, but hey, you have to be physically attracted...ALWAYS! (It helps that you are obsessed with working out.)
#9- You can seriously fix anything. In just one week you replaced a water heater (for our renters), fixed my dishwasher and replaced the garbage disposal. This one alone, makes you the envy of many spouses, I know.
#8- You're athletic. Thank goodness. If it were only up to me, our kids would be so uncoordinated. I haven't seen you play a sport that you can't do well.
#7- You have a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You are a great example to me.
#6- You gave me the cutest, smartest and funniest kids and I know those traits came from you... even though I always try to claim them. hehe!
#5- You work hard and provide so well for our family. I have always been proud of what you have given us.
#4- I never have to ask you to help around the house. you just jump in do the dishes, pick up, etc.
#3- You are an absolutely awesome dad. You are always willing to play, help with homework, change diapers or whatever they want from you.
#2- You remind me often that I am so beautiful even when I have no make-up on and have those extra baby pounds to loose.
#1- Last but not least, (I could keep going) I love it when I say I like something in a store and before I know it, you have it off the rack or shelf and in the cart. I can't ever remember you telling me I couldn't get something. Thanks honey!

Monday, October 6, 2008

LSU vs. Missisissippi State

After the hard time I gave Brent last time about only taking pictures of the game, he finally got this one right.

Brent, Kolton, Ross, (Brent's dad and two brother's) Chad and Jared along with Jared's wife Jamie, all headed down to Tiger stadium to see them take on Mississippi. They had a great time and of course were happy to see the Tiger's win.
It was 'gold" day, so of course the purple jersey Kolton was wearing originally wouldn't do and neither was the one Brent was wearing. So they made a pit stop at Academy to get some "Gold" clothing. Apparently, there is an army with machine guns at the door, who take you down if you aren't in Gold. LOL!!
You know if Brent's taking pictures, he's going to get the cheerleaders in there.

I think he lost focus on this one. wink, wink!! Okay, maybe he's trying to get a picture of the Tiger.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fair in Loiusiana

Brent grew up in a small town in Louisiana and every year they have this great Parish (county) Fair. This year we took the kids out of school and headed over so they could spend the day playing at the fair. We have the Texas State Fair going on right now in Dallas, but it is way too big and way too overwhelming to take the kids.

Kourtney loves rides and got on this hang glider ride and the swings. Oh, where's Kolton you ask... her older brother? Hmmm, the "chicken" wanted to try and win a toy instead!

Now Kolton was willing to ride this twister. Once Kaelyn saw they had fun, she was willing to try it and loved it!

We couldn't get Kylee off the train... she loved it, too.

Kaelyn was not a fan of the animals. She cried almost the whole way through. Kylee as you can tell wanted to jump out and play with them.