Monday, July 12, 2010

20 Year HS Reunion

I've been needing to post about a million things that we've been up to this summer so I thought I'd try to catch up before the summer ends and my last semester starts. I kept debating whether or not I wanted to go to my 20 year reunion. Pretty much everyone that I cared to keep in contact with was on Facebook so I kinda didn't feel the need to go. But my sister was telling me that your reunion is kind of like your HS prom, if you don't go, you will always regret it... so with that, we went!! Brent was super supportive and really wanted to go so that was good.
At my 10 year, we sat with Sherry and her husband Chris. We laughed b/c they live about 45 minutes from us here in Dallas and we flew half way across the country to have dinner with them. Brent said we could've done that from home. hehe!
My sweet from Yasi. Seriously, lucky her, she hasn't aged a bit since HS!
Brent and Yasi's husband... having a good time!
When it came to hanging out, this was some of my posse! Yasi, Sherry, Kim, Tammy and me. Gaelyn, Cristin and Gaby were missing... we haven't been together since the day of graduation.
My dear friend Denyelle! She made my HS years fun!
Gina, me, Yasi, Sherry, Marissa and Toni. Good times!
And the winners are... Sherry for having the most kids, Scott for traveling the furthest and me for being married the longest...haha... only in LA would 17 years be the longest!
Over all we had a great time. It was fun seeing people I hadn't seen in 20 years. It's crazy how life takes you down different roads when we initially started off at the same place!