Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kylee Brooke!!!

Never leave child unattended on counter!!

And this would be the reason why. I was only a few feet from her doing the dishes, while she climbed up on the counter, and quickly got into a can of frosting. I mean it's chocolate... I can't really blame her. Once she saw me, she quickly put the lid back on and acted like nothing happened. I guess she didn't realize she was covered in evidence. Luckily, I took a quick picture then off to the tub she went before she could touch anything.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Day of School

Kourtney started 2nd grade yesterday. She really liked her teacher and informed me that everyone got in trouble except her. Hmmmm, that's usually the opposite problem we have at home. I am happy she is such a great student for her teacher.

Kolton started 5th grade which means he is now in Intermediate School. He got to ride the bus home which since he's now too cool to take pictures, I had to sneak this one when he got off the bus. He thought the best part of school is riding the bus and having five choices at lunch... too bad mom made his lunch:) He had a homework assignment to fill a bag with five things about him. Guess what he chose? A basketball, a baseball, a football, a golf ball and his LSU hat. Aren't you all surprised???

Every beginning and end of school year, we take pictures of the kids in the neighborhood. Here is Parker, Kourtney (who just got into the water hose) and Nicholas. Then in back is Victoria, Robert, McIver and Kolton.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lick stick

"Mom, I look pretty with lick stick?"

Kaelyn seriously says the funniest things. Here are some of our favorites.
"Hellllllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooo! I naked."
"Where's my swimmin' soup?"
"I don't have boobies, I have boogers... see."
We'll say, "Kaelyn you're hilarious," her response, "no I not, you larious."
"Ewwww, sgusting (disgusting).
"Mom, Kourtney rude!!"
"Where my lick gloss go?"
"I don't like squito bites!"
"Cool bus" (school bus)
"I like my high wheels" (high heels)
"Shampu" (Shamu)

*I can't think of them all but I'll keep adding to my list here as I remember them.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Houston Temple

After our trip to San Antonio, we took a detour to meet Brent's family in Houston. Brent and I are just messin' around here"trying to act like newlyweds or something"... I'm not sure.

Once a year as a family we do a session together. It has been a great experience for us. This year our niece Lynsi and new husband, Andrew went with us. It has been great to see our family grow through the years.

Becki's Birthday

We had a great time last night for Becki's 40th birthday. We celebrated at TGIFridays. We had some good laughs.!!

Emily, Becki, Janae, Rebecca, Victoria, Terresa, Rachel, DeeDee, then on front is Lisa, Aurora and me of course!

Terresa and I had to reminisce over our days in college. Yes, we went to college together. Did I mention we were married with kids and in our 30's? Too funny, us oldies with all these 18 and 19 year old freshman. Those were good times!!!

Our vacation to San Antonio & Sea World