Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red Neck Boat

So our neighbors got a new trampoline so Brent offered to cut the boxes down for them so they would fit in their recycle bin.

So, this is the first thing the kids did when they saw the box. They got in and made a boat.

They thought this was great fun until....
daddy came along with a box cutter.
Going, going and gone!!!

Thanks dad ruin the fun!!!

Kutie Kylee

I never post about Kylee but she is becoming the little cutie.

Here she is in Brent's office chair. You know what they say, "while the boss is away, the 'kids' will play." Gotta love that bed head hair do, too.

Brent's mom Judy, and sister Dawn got her this adorable outfit with bloomers to match with her name on them. Even Kourtney wants some with her name.

And this would be one of the reasons I hate to do laundry. As I load the washer, she empties the basket, as I load the dryer she climbs in, I take her out and before I can get more clothes she gets back in. I fold, Kylee unfolds. Ahhhh, the joys of motherhood. People sware that one day I'll appreciate these days,........hmmmm, I'm not so sure!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kolton's Scout Camp

Me and fellow blogger Karmen. She went to Ricks with my brother Aaron which I'm reminded cause she asked me about him last night, except she referred to him as Juicy. Too funny, I forgot they called him that up there. They used to hang out. Small world, huh?

Kolton had scout camp this week and absolutely loved it. He came home each day exhausted. He passed off alot of stuff for his belt loops. He told me he now needs a belt. Uhhh, ya think I would of bought him one when he started the program two years ago. Come on Mom, get with the program!! Here are a few pictures from the awards ceremony.

Farewell Amber

Michal Ann, me and Amber

We had a Girl's Night Out at Chili's on Thursday. It was bitter sweet. It was a farewell dinner for Amber who is moving to Alabama next week. I'm really sad to see her go. She is such a great friend and I have enjoyed getting to know her for the past year but she promised she was going to start blogging so at least I'll be able to keep up with her. Oh and the sweet part of the night, was the awesome brownie "sweet" shot that I had for dessert. OMGosh, soooo good. You've got to try one!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Watermelon kids

So, I sent Brent to the grocery store for some parmesan cheese and as usual, he picked a few extra items... like a watermelon. So before dinner, the kids tore into it so i had to take some fun pictures to share. Oh and BTW, that parmesan cheese made the pictures too, mainly because Brent wanted to show it came with a cool grater!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Non stop weekend

First off, Friday the13th was Brent's company's annual night at the ball field. Every year they have a family night and it's really fun. Brent ended up with some extra tickets so we invited my BFF from HS's husband Chris and their son, Hunter. We had a good time.

Brent and Kaelyn, Kolton and his friend Jacob. (Jacob got Kourtney's ticket since she had no desire to go to a baseball game.) We enjoyed seeing the Frisco Rough Riders beat the Corpus Christi Hooks.

Then Saturday was birthday party day. I guess when you have four kids, you get invited to lots of parties. We had three parties to go to in about 5 hours.

First was Tanner's (our neighbor) 4th birthday party at ASI Gymnastics. The girls had a good time... Kolton apparently thought he was too old to get in and play.
FYI: Yes, Kaelyn has begun to suck a pacifier at 2 1/2 years old. She grinds her teeth really bad so it's the only solution we have for now.

Then we had Austin's 6th birthday party at Stampede Sports. It was way fun. The kids played indoor kickball and Kolton, Jacob and some of the dads played football.

Brent and Jon discussing what else... sports!

Chanda & Leslie.

Then we had Lilly's 3rd birthday party. They had a bounce house,
ponies and
of course the POOL!!!
(Kourt and Kolton on right.)

We were pretty much wiped out at this point. We went back to Tanner's house for a BBQ. I stayed and visited with my neighbor's while Brent, Kolton, John and Jacob went to the Red Bull X Fighters. It was mainly freestyle motorcross. They loved it! Surprise, surprise.. Kolton wants
to be a professional rider, now.

After all that going and going, Kaelyn woke up Sunday with a fever so I stayed home from church with Kaelyn and Kylee while Brent took Kolton and Kourtney to church. He really wanted to stay but I told him he needed it more. LOL. Anyways, the primary kids sang to the dads so it was good he was there for that.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Kolton's Championship Game

Kolton had his last game of the season on Wednesday. Brent's sister Dawn, and family finally got to see him play. We were so excited for this game. They had been undefeated for the championship. Kolton's cousins Lance and Lesli made some fun signs and decorated their t-shirts. (You know teenagers... they think of everything.)

Here is a not so clear picture of us but it's all I've got.
Kaelyn's sign was so cute, it said "I love the coach!"

Oh and check out my cute flip flops Lisa got me for my birthday. Of course, I had to get into the spirit of things, too.

Well we weren't off to a good start until Kolton tagged out the first out as he came in to home.
Then soon we were up to bat and Kolton got a double then stole third and soon stole home. So he
was the first to score and was the first to get a player out. We were down a few but not for long. In the last inning, we were down by two and quickly scored four more to win the game. It was so exciting. The boys were just screaming! We had a good time. I told Dawn they were good luck and were going to have to come more often.

Here he is getting his trophey.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Old Man Softball

For years and years, the guys from church kept saying they needed to put a softball team together. Well, finally one year Brent's love for baseball made him put a team together and so "Hit and Run" was born. They have been playing for about 6 years. Their oldest player is
a grandpa and their youngest player is probably Brent's cousin, Luke who is about 26. So that is what we have been doing almost every Friday night, year round. So the wives have become the "softball widows". It's been fun to watch what we call "old man softball." For some reason, they all think they are still in their prime. There are some rules that most don't follow like... no sliding. Lisa my friend always finds herself reminding her husband Jon, that one!! Well the guys had only lost one game all season and were playing a team that had also only lost one game, so they had to play for the championship. Well, our team plays for fun but the other team was much more competitive and crooked. They had this pitcher who we all were pretty sure had tourettes syndrome. He would move his arm all over the place about 10 times before he threw the pitch. Well, he apparently was getting into everyone's head and we started off not doing too well. Well, anyone who knows Brent's personality, knows his competitive nature. So he was up to bat and this funky pitcher was throwing him the ball, so Brent began to taunt him. I was so embarrassed but it was pretty funny. Brent began to dance, stick his butt out, jump around. It was probably the hardest I have laughed in a long time. So here are some of the pictures we took. Some are of Lisa and Julie mocking the pitcher and Brent. It was just as funny watching them mimick them. You really had to be there to see it, though.

Lisa is pitching, Julie's showing what Brent was doing. Even Kourt got into the fun!!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fun in the sun

Brent's niece Lesli and nephew Lance had a great time visiting from Lousiana. We spent some time at the pool. Here are some fun pictures I thought I'd share.

Lance enjoying the raft boat.

Kaelyn as usual... no clothes on. Lesli had fun being the nice cousin throwing Kourtney in.