Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Slumber party

A few years ago, (six to be exact) when I was turning 30, I decided to have a slumber party. Brent took the kids to his mom's for the weekend while we girls would sit up and talk, do facials, paint nails, go toilet papering and eat tons of junk food. It quickly became a tradition that Rochelle has kept up with since I've had little ones since and haven't been able to anymore. Go to Rochelle's blog or Chanda's for more stories and pictures. We had a blast!! Thanks for keeping up the tradtion Rochelle.

Kaelyn's Birthday Party

We had a little get together for Kaelyn's 3rd birthday with a few neighbors and friends. She actually turns 3 on the 27th so we are going to go to Loiusiana to celebrate her real birthday.
Julie, my neighbor made her this awesome cake. It was sooo good, too.
Kylee got in on the pinata action but Kaelyn refused to hit her Cinderella Pinata. She cried and cried after she saw kids beating her with a bat. Once that happened, we couldn't even get her to play in the bounce house.

Texas Football

Who could we be besides the Cowboys... America's Team!
We won 26-0!!! YAH!

Kolton had his first football game ever. Here are some pictures I took. There are some of him playing that I'll add when I get them. He is playing center and is loving it. He really wanted to be quarterback like his daddy was but for now he's the center.

There is something so cute about seeing your kid taking a water break in his football jersey with his last name on it.

Brent is one of the coaches.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's NEW??

Kaelyn started taking a music and movement class on Monday's. This is her ready for her first day of "school". She insisted that she take a backpack, a folder and a pencil. She was a little disappointed to find out she wasn't at a real school. She said she wanted to go to Kolton's school, not this one.

Brent's company gave him really good tickets to the Rangers vs. Red Sox game so he and Kolton went. I sent them with the camera to take pictures and this is what they came home with... a bunch of pictures of the game. I guess they think I wanted pictures of the players and not of them. (Like who is this guy anyway? Do I know him? NO. Brent just informed me it's David Ortiz, huh??... big deal! LOL). Kolton got a few autographs... did they take pictures of him with the players??? NO! What's up with that?

And this would be my new found love. We were at Costco the other day and Brent insisted we buy this 3 1/2 lb. bag of M&M's. The problem is he has incredible will power, I don't. Needless to say, I told him to stop by Costco and get another bag. Yep, I finished it in five days. I did have a little help... not much though. So along with the bag of M&M's, I'm going to need a gym membership.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

You know you're tired when....

you can't even make it up the stairs to take a nap!
Don't I get the "Mother of the Year" award?! She came in the kitchen, opened the dishwasher and got a bottle out to hand to me. So I filled it and gave it to her then I finished picking up the kitchen. A few minutes later... this is what I found.

Mellow Yellow

One of Kylee's only words happens to be "mellow yellow". (The kids say it when we pass a yellow car on the road.)

Why is it that we just got out of the car from church and not a single one of my girls has their shoes on?