Friday, February 27, 2009

Kourtney's Baptism

Kourtney's 8th Birthday was last Saturday, the 21st. She was so excited because she was not only turning 8 but she was going to get baptized. We were able to have our own due to an understanding Bishop. Kourtney planned the whole thing so I know it really meant alot to her. Brent's sister spoke on baptism and did an amazing job. The spirit was so strong. She talked about Kourtney being the 8th generation to join the church. She had Brent read his line of authority as it was traced back to Jesus Christ. It really was such a good talk. Then Kolton spoke on the Holy Ghost. He related the Holy Ghost to a GPS system that guides you and lets you know when you've made a bad turn. It was sweet to see Kourtney feel the spirit. She was very emotional.
Just before her baptism. Kylee and Kaelyn already had their bows out of their hair!

I love this pose. They look so sweet. (I can't take the credit, I copied it from a friend of mine.)

Brent's immediate family (except his brother Chad and his family and Dawn's husband, Kevin) came. I can't believe how much we have grown through the years.
Four of the 8th generation Legacy!

Then of course, Brent's extended family came, too. They are all so supportive and it really meant alot to us to have our close family and friends come to such a special event in Kourtney's life. We had a birthday luncheon at our house afterwards with about 50 people. I wish I would've taken more pictures then but I was too busy running around. Thanks to everyone who shared our special day with mean the world to us!

Brent's mom and sister ordered her 8 white roses. She loved them.

Kourtney and her cake.

Tanner, Tom and Amy our neighbors came. They are always so supportive. They come to the kids Primary program and special events for the kids. They are truly great friends and neighbors to have!

My BF from HS came, Sherry and her husband, Chris and four of their six kids came. Chris was a huge help. He got right in and helped with all the food. It was great!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, it's been awhile since I last updated my blog. Wow, it's been since Christmas. Well, I guess since I'm now in school, keeping up and finding the time to write is a little tricky. I'm glad to be back in school and if all goes well, I'll be graduating in December of 2009. Here are some of our updates for the past six weeks.
Well, I had to take a picture of this. I came downstairs and found Kaelyn reading the ESPN magazine. I promise you, she didn't learn this from me! LOL!!
We had an ice storm January 28th. School was cancelled so Kolton immediately got his four wheeler out and spun donuts.
The little ones thought they'd experience a little ice as well.
I just thought this one was sweet.
Kourtney is turning 8 on the 21st so we are planning her baptism that day as well as her birthday party. She is really excited. My cute friend Sarah made these adorable invitations for her big day. So I just had to share them.