Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In a nut shell...

WOW! I've been slacking on this blogging stuff. Sorry! We've been so busy with everything going on. Here's what we've been up to "In a nut shell."

Kolton is playing baseball as usual and Brent is coaching his team. He's been pitching and doing really well.

He pitched at last night's game.

He's also a great catcher.
Pep talk with coach after the game. They won 12-4.

Jon brought the boys to show their support. They even wore their Red Sox garb.

We joined a family gym and the kids love it. Kylee got herself ready even though we had no intentions of going.

She is so funny. She'll say, "Mommy, I funny!"

Kourtney got Student of the Month at her school.

They had a special lunch with parents. We are so proud of her.

My mom made these adorable matching dresses for the girls.

Kourtney had a piano recital. She did so good.

As if we don't watch enough baseball in our home, our ward went to the Ranger game. They beat the Mariners. Way fun!
Brent's niece got married. Don't you love Kolton's blue teeth? He just ate some blue candy. Lovely!

Kylee was a little hot, but ohhh so cute as usual!

Lesli and Kourt did some dancing, while cute prego Lynsi

Kourtney got braces.

Kylee turned 2!! That's cake she's wearing...hehe

Kylee had a good time flirting with Davis. She's so agressive. LOL!

More cake pictures.
So there you have it. Pretty much everything we've been up to in the last 6 weeks. Crazy how time flies. I finished my semester with a 3.75. I'm pretty proud of myself since I'm a full time student. I started summer school on Monday. Yuck! But I'm anxious to finish next Spring. Yah, I'm a Senior!