Sunday, April 12, 2009

Great Getaway

So, Brent and I have needed to get away and have a little vacation for ourselves. So my mom offered to come and watch the kids. I planned us a trip for Brent's birthday to go to Las Vegas and St. George. We had such a great time and feel refreshed enough to take on four kids again. Here are some of our highlights.
Dancing the YMCA with Kato Kaelin.
Posing with Kato Kaelin... aren't you jealous!! LOL! I didn't get any pictures cause it would've been to creepy, but all the Miss USA contestants were at the same hotel (Planet Hollywood Hotel) that we stayed at. They were all over the place. Brent says he's rootin' for Miss Georgia!
The next day we went to St. George. OMGoodness. It is beautiful there. The weather was perfect and Brent was soooo impressed with the courses there.

This is my good friend Steve from HS. It was soo good to see him.
We woke up Thursday morning to find this in our driveway. I just thought it was cool that it had Brent's name on it. hehehe!
This is Brent and Steve heading out for their BIG day!
When we first got to SG, Brent couldn't wait to golf so I drove the cart while he golfed... migraine and all.
Brent in the sand traps. He probably won't like that I put this picture on here. hehe
Our "casita" was on the 9th hole... literally. This is the view from our patio.
I came out to take a few pictures of Brent and Steve on the 9th hole.