Sunday, November 9, 2008

What's new???

In case you are wondering what happened to me..... here it is!
Well, when you decide to have a VT Conference and make 85 Gourmet Carmel Apples, you can bet you take on more than you should because then your life revolves around apples. Luckily Brent helped me and so did DeeDee and Tammy but it was alot of work. I'm pretty sure I'll be finding chocolate on the walls for the next 30 years!!! Oh well, they turned out yummy, the evening was perfect and I got lots of compliments for the whole event. So here are the remainder of the events I haven't had time to blog about.
Kaelyn was a black cat (even though you can't see her tail) and Kylee was the cutest Bumble Bee ever for Halloween.

Football still seems to consume our lives each week. Only a few more weeks to go... but who's counting???

I tried getting a family picture after church, but well this was the best I could do. And yes, Kaelyn has my shoes on as usual. Oh and speaking of church, our ward just split... again, well at least now we have church at 11:30 am instead of 2:00 pm. Ahhh, so much better!!!

Brent and I went to our annual Halloween party. Where we were of course star struck to see Brangelina and their multi-cultural family there.

Popeye and Olive were there.

We had some peace and quiet.

A nice chinese couple came... oh, maybe that's Mike and Julie.
BTW- Julie is normally like a size 3!!!
Tammy the disco diva and her man!

Sarah Palin of course with Larry King.
Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson. It must of been a great costume because two couples came as them.
It was a fun night...AGAIN! Brent and I went as Dora and Diego, I'll have to get some pictures from someone else, cause dingy me didn't have anyone take any.